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About us

We are developing an innovative concept !

At Nokena, we use AI and the power of the Internet to develop an innovative concept in the field of product and clothing creation !

Why choose our products ?

We love creating original and unique things !

We work hard to always do better and stay creative. We can create products and clothing based on a specific idea.

Our AI product and clothing creation service for businesses

We can create a collection of AI-created products and clothing for you for free.

Result : You can have your collection on our store and promote it to generate sales with your community !

Step 1

You sign a contract with us.

Step 2

You return the contract to us.

Step 3

You send us the style/pattern/design you want.

Step 4

Our AI will take care of it and create it. You receive proposals.

Step 5

Once chosen, we add the objects/clothing to our store.

Step 6

Depending on the contract, it is you who ensures marketing and communication on the products and/or us.

Our results

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to advertise in the augmented world ?

Go to our shop and then order the advertising spaces you need for the period you need. If you want to display a message as an individual, use our text message service in the augmented world for individuals.

2) How do I see things in the augmented world around me ?

Download the “Noken AR” app on Google Playstore (Android) ! Or download the “Noken Augmented Reality” app on Apple AppStore (iOS/iPhone).

3) How do I know if my smartphone is compatible with the augmented world ?

Your smartphone must be certified “ARcore compatible” by Google. You can find the list of compatible smartphones on this link :

4) How to create a product by artificial intelligence ?

All you have to do is use our artificial intelligence product creation tool. We call it “Noken AI”.

5) What are the addresses of your other online stores ?



6) Question 6

Answer 6

Visit our shop now !