The startup of purchasing power and Augmented Internet !


Registered business !


2 and a half years of R&D before launch !


Competent and experienced team !


Liability insurance !

About us

We develop innovative concepts !

At Nokena, we use IT and the Internet to develop innovative services in different fields !

Why choose us ?

We love to make our clients succeed !

We work hard to create systems and tools that you can use to grow your revenue or promote your products.

Our main service for individuals

We develop a PPSA (Purchasing Power Software Application) that will be active on the Internet while you are at home or at work.

Result : up to €1000 of additional purchasing power for you per month !

Step 1

Order a computer programming package.

Step 2

Your order is processed within 48-72 hours.

Step 3

We develop your PPSA.

Step 4

We install your PPSA on the Internet.

Step 5

Your PPSA begins to work for you.

Step 6

You get up to €1000/month of additional purchasing power !

Our results

  • Dozens of satisfied customers !
  • A video (in french language) every Friday !
  • Already more than 3 years of activity !
  • Profitable activities !
  • More than 50 emails answered every day !
  • A growth of x167 between mid-2019 and early 2022 !
  • Mobile app planned for 2022 !

Frequently Asked Questions (PPSA)

1) How much should I put in to earn up to €1000 / month ?

Nokena is not an investment company. We are a computer programming company.
To this question, the answer is “As much as possible”. On this site, you buy working time from us. This working time (in hours) is intended for programming your PPSA (Purchasing Power Software Application). The more time we have to work on your PPSA, the more we can study the data and optimize it.
Our 2 and a half years of R&D have made it possible to determine that it takes at least 3 hours to have a PPSA which gives results quickly.
Conclusion : Take as many hours as possible so that we can work as much as possible on optimizing your PPSA.

2) So if I just take 1 hour of computer programming, is it no use ?

In 1 hour, we have time to program the base. So you will have something that works. But it will be really very basic and it will take time to see the first results. As indicated in question 1 : Take as many hours as possible so that we can work as much as possible on optimizing your PPSA.

3) I can only pay for an hour, what should I do ?

Pay 1 hour, you will have your PPSA. The main thing is to have one.
You can always, later, take extra hours so that we can improve it.

4) Is it true that a PPSA works even when I am not myself at work ?

Yes, it works all the time : evenings, nights, weekends, holidays/vacations, …
Its goal is to bring you up to €1000 / month of additional purchasing power.

5) How long does it take for me to increase my purchasing power ?

If we work just 1 hour on your PPSA, you will start to see results in about 10 months.
If we work AT LEAST 3 hours on your PPSA, you will start to see results in about 4 months.
The main thing is to have your PPSA because it is the guarantee that your purchasing power will increase.

6) What kinds of work does the software application do ?

Watch videos, listen to music, high-performance business, trading/cryptotrading, masternode, staking, micro-tasks (document verification), rental of disk space, rental of computer resources, …
Basically anything that can be automated on the Internet.

Get your software application developed today !