The startup of Augmented Reality and AI


Registered business !


3 and a half years of R&D before launch !


Competent and experienced team !


Internet 4.0 developers !

About us

We develop innovative concepts !

At Nokena, we use IT and the Internet to develop innovative services in different fields !

Why choose us ?

We love to make our clients succeed !

We work hard to create systems and tools that you can use to grow your revenue or promote your products.

Our Augmented Reality service for companies

We develop the augmented world, augmented services, augmented Internet and Internet 4.0

Result: You can show what you want (brand, logo, mascot, new product, …) wherever you want !

Step 1

Connect to our online store.

Step 2

Order 1 or more locations (advertising message with or without animation).

Step 3

We install your locations and the associated advertising message and/or we create your personalized animation.

Step 4

We perform the tests to see if everything is OK.

Step 5

Your advertising message appears in the augmented world !

Step 6

People can see it when they are near.

Our results

  • Dozens of satisfied customers !
  • A video (in french language) every Friday !
  • Already more than 3 years of activity !
  • Innovation !
  • More than 50 emails answered every day !
  • Contacts with town halls, brands and ministries !
  • Android mobile app ready !

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to advertise in the augmented world ?

Go to our shop and then order the advertising spaces you need for the period you need.

2) Question 2

Answer 2

3) Question 3

Answer 3

4) How to create a product by artificial intelligence ?

All you have to do is use our artificial intelligence product creation tool. We call it “Noken AI”.

5) Question 5

Answer 5

6) Question 6

Answer 6

Order your ad placements or products today !